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Evan Rosenberg

Evan Rosenberg

Executive Vice President
Ross Window Corp.

Here’s why you can count on Ross to provide you with the best products, superior service, wide-ranging experience, and proven reliability.

  • Stability—Ross Window Corp. was founded in 1956 and has been owned and operated by three generations of the same family. We’ve owned and occupied the same property, which includes our warehouse, for 47 years.

    Recently we received a request for service at a garden apartment community in North White Plains. The property manager originally had bought windows from a company in New Jersey, but when some of the glass cracked, the company refused to come back. We went right away.

  • Wide range of products and unparalleled service—We are proud to offer you extensive product choices from top window manufacturers as well as the knowledge, capabilities, reliability, and service that have been hallmarks of the company for the past 62 years.

    We can install vinyl, wood, steel, fiberglass, composite (a mixture of resin and wood fiber), aluminum windows, and oriel widows (top and bottom sashes of different sizes), as well as patio and terrace doors. All are produced by the top manufacturers in the U.S.
  • Extensive experience—We have worked on all types of buildings and structures. Installations include:
    • Condos and co-ops
    • Office buildings
    • Apartment buildings and garden apartments
    • Landmark buildings
    • School and government buildings
    • Window wall and custom curtain wall systems (windows and laminated panels)
    • New construction apartment and office buildings
    • Metal panel wall systems
    • Storefronts, doors made of fiberglass reinforced panels, and hardware
    • Miscellaneous interior glazing and glass walls
    • Private homes
  • Long-term customer relationships—Most of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years. Some go back as many as 50 years. We also have longstanding relationships with some of the most well-known property management companies in New York and Westchester.
  • Strong community support—We believe in supporting groups in our community that work to help others. We give not only money, but also time. For example, we are active in the Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon. Each year, we raise money for children’s school uniforms, and provide holiday celebrations and food baskets for senior citizens.