Meeting your professinal needs

Window companies are not all the same.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Ross Window Corporation.

  • We don’t sell just one manufacturer’s windows and doors—We offer you products made by all of the leading window and door manufacturers. We’ll explain the differences between all products in terms of quality, long-term durability, and energy savings. We also make suggestions based on your needs. Then you make the decision about which product best suits your objectives and budget.
  • Companies
  • Service as well as sales Some companies sell you windows and walk away. If there are any problems down the road, you’re left to find someone to solve them. We don’t treat our customers like that. Not only do we sell windows, but we also repair them, if necessary.
  • Landmark buildings are welcome–We are happy to install windows in Landmark buildings while many of our competitors don’t want to be bothered with them, partly because of stringent requirements by the Landmark Preservation Commission and occasional long delays in getting approvals.

    Recently, one of our customers, an architect, wanted windows for his own apartment. We are pleased that he ended up using a product that we recommended and that he previously hadn’t known existed.

  • Our employees only—We do not use subcontractors. Ross Window employees will work on your job, from measuring through installation.

    Our field crew members have OSHA safety certification. They’re well trained and manufacturer-certified. Each crew member has more than 10 years of experience, ensuring that your project will be completed correctly, efficiently, and on time.
  • We stay on top of every job—An owner of our company will be on site every single day of your project.
  • Anticipating your needs—If we install your windows, we’ll keep your key measurements on file, so if you need replacements or service of any kind, you’ll be able to have all work completed in one trip, not two or more.
  • Planning ahead—We’ll suggest that if you manage a particularly large building or group of buildings, you may want to order some extra parts—e.g., windows and window balances—and store them onsite. That way, if and when repairs are ever needed, the process of fixing your windows is much faster and more efficient.

    We’ve even taught building superintendents how to replace glass if a window breaks. Similarly, if a building superintendent can change balances—also called springs—we can drop off extras so that the super can change parts without even having to call us.
  • We carry everything we need for repairs—If any problem arises, we can make repairs quickly from fully stocked vans that serve the tri-state area throughout the work week.
  • We’ll earn your trust—That’s how we have been able to keep some customers loyal for as many as 50 years.