Meeting your professinal needs

Serving architects, property managers, and building owners

When you’re an architect or property manager responsible for choosing a company to install new windows, it’s your reputation on the line.

That’s why you want to work with a business that can take care of your project professionally, responsibly, and with no problems. You want peace of mind. And you want clients who are happy with the job you’ve done for them!

Ross Windows is experienced and flexible enough to handle virtually any situation or challenge you’re facing. Here’s why architects, property managers and building owners turn to us when they need windows and doors replaced in buildings they own or manage.

  • Proven reliability—We’re proud of our credentials and association memberships.
  • Ross Windows credentials
  • Worry-free—Ross Window Corporation is fully insured and licensed in New York City, Yonkers, and Westchester County.We’ll bring you copies of our certificates and proof of insurance upon request.
  • Longstanding relationships with many architects, property management and construction companies, as well as with building owners.
  • Comfortable and experienced working with co-op boards
  • Familiar with the needs of and challenges facing Landmark building managers—and willing to accommodate your requirements or specific requests
  • Able to handle all of your custom orders—Sometimes, custom orders require replacing glass in special sizes or shapes. We’ve also been called on to duplicate unusually shaped window frames and come up with other creative solutions, such as the one shown below.
  • Ross Windows school project


    Several years ago, we were replacing windows at the Jefferson Elementary School, in New Rochelle. The transoms above the front entrance doors had originally contained leaded glass. To replicate the look of the leading, we designed decorative metal cutouts and secured them between the double panes of the new transom windows in the center of each door. The metal cutouts echoed the architectural design of the building as well as the metal trim of the light fixtures between the doors. Everyone agreed that the windows came out beautifully!

  • Quantity discounts—We’re able to offer reduced prices on certain large jobs.
  • Bonding capacity to handle large commercial projects
  • Accessible–Every building manager and office manager we work with has the owner’s cell phone number. Sometimes, when a situation arises—e.g., an office becomes vacant and the property manager wants to replace the windows in that office, he or she can call right away. Frequently, the owner can measure the office the same day.
  • Jobs completed on time and on budget—Even with unanticipated problems, such as a recent job that required working different times on different days, we still managed to finish the job according to schedule.